Message from the Manager of Philadelphia Joint Board, Workers United

Welcome to the new website of the Philadelphia Joint Board, Workers United.

I am proud to serve as the Manager of this strong union, and I promise that we will always work hard for our members, striving to improve their lives “on the job.”

The membership of the Philadelphia Joint Board, Workers United, is a diverse group of workers.  Like our great country, the PJB/WU is a “melting pot” of hard-working people from many different industries.  Although the roots of the Joint Board are in textile and apparel manufacturing, we have grown to also represent workers in hospitality, retail, distribution, and industrial laundries.

Please check out "What Our Members Do" for more details and photos of some of our members at work. Our members work hard every day, and we are proud to show off what we do!

We are also spotlighting our members in our 2016 Calendar - you'll find their photos on our Member Spotlight page. We plan to make this calendar a tradition, so that we can include all of our members over the years.

My mentor and beloved father, John Fox, long-time labor leader, taught me that one person working alone may make a difference, but many people working together will always make a difference.  He passed on to me his love of the union, his work ethic, and his passion for helping people.  Today, I understand his wisdom and courage, and value his leadership.  In remembrance of him, and in celebration of our beautiful calendar, we recall one of his fondest sayings:

“The members are the union.”

Lynne P. Fox, Manager

Philadelphia Joint Board, Workers United