Our manufacturing members make many different products. 

They sew uniforms, tailor suits, customize briefcases, knit hats, and
​even make the caution tape for crime scenes.
Our members work hard every day and we are proud to show off what we do. The membership of the Philadelphia Joint Board is a diverse group of workers.

Like our great country, the PJB is a “melting pot” of hard-working people from
many different industries. Although the roots of the Joint Board are in
textile manufacturing, we have grown to represent workers in
​laundry and hospitality over the years. 
Our airport members serve travelers to and from Philadelphia by making 
them drinks ​and selling them newspapers and snacks for their flights.
Our laundry members wash hospital linens and hospitality 
​napkins and tablecloths. They wash and supply uniforms.
Our food and beverage members cook and serve food in colleges and 
universities, ​as well as at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.
Our hospitality members clean hotel rooms and wash linens.

Philadelphia Joint Board members work in many different fields: